Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why Obama must win

I began this campaign season, and this blog, wanting Obama to win simply because he'd be a better president on a whole host of issues. There were clearly symbolic advantages to an Obama win, but those were really only important insofar as they improved America's image and soft power abroad. I also began this campaign respecting John McCain as a hero, an independent thinker, and a moderate (although not as moderate as he portrays himself).

But this campaign has convinced me that Obama must win. He must win because he will still be the better president. But an Obama win will also mean a public repudiation of the Rovian, xenophobic, subtly (and sometimes overtly) racist, dumbed-down, cynical, deceptive tactics that the McCain campaign has now fully embraced. He could have run to the middle, and he has deliberately chosen to appeal to the worst elements in his constituency. If America does not repudiate this, what does it mean for our identity as a country?

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Anonymous said...

Yes! This campaign will tell us where Americans stand - this is not just a presidential election. It is also also a litmus test of what America stands for at this juncture!