Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Christianism IV

In the words of Christianist Alan Keyes, Palin was a bad VP choice because she and McCain are "unequally yoked":
Palin "may be risking her moral and spiritual integrity by placing herself under the authority of someone who has provably abandoned God's will on the most fundamental moral issues of our times."
What fundamental moral issues? Abortion and gays, of course. So, not only is McCain not Christian enough, but God's will is "provable."

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cogitomultus said...

wow, not only is this offensive for the normal rel. right social reasons, this could even be offensive inside of the church-- "unequally yoked" was used by Paul in advising Christians not to marry outside the faith, if I remember right. To most mainstream people I think it's an even more spiteful position than abortion or gays. No interreligious marriage? Are we back in the 1950s??