Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Media" = Fox

By my unofficial count, the only interviews with the press that Palin has done since her debacles with Gibson and Couric, are the following: Sean Hannity, Hugh Hewitt (who's writing a book called "How Sarah Palin Won the Election and Saved America"), Sean Hannity again, and Carl Cameron. I could have missed something, but you get the gist.

She did answer some press questions off-camera in the back of her plane the other day, but since that resulted in another rambling non-answer, I'm guessing she won't be doing that much more.

I guess I can't blame the campaign for the Fox-a-thon, since something like 85% of Fox viewers thought McCain won the debate Tuesday. Perhaps that's what we can look forward to in a McCain/Palin administration -- a nationally sanctioned TV station?

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