Sunday, October 5, 2008

Down in the polls and getting desperate

What do you do when your campaign is losing on the issues? When your Hail Mary attempts to look relevant in the face of a financial crisis are intercepted? When you want to divert attention from the fact that your VP is probably the least qualified in American history?

Try more character assaults!

Ah, what an honorable campaign. As Nov. 4 nears, and Obama maintains his steady lead (and demeanor), we can expect much more of the same. Anything that will make voters go into the booth thinking, "Is he really One Of Us?"


Amy said...

Dan - Couldn't help but think today about Bush's famous "Axis of Evil" rhetoric that was so popular but is now seen for what it really is - FEAR MONGERING. I'm really hoping Americans are smarter today and will see through the McCain campaign's attempts to label Obama as an "other" or even as a terrorist. Dan - can you site reference to the Faces of Fear Documentary. I wish more folks could see it.

Acrobat said...

post today on sullivan re "dangerous". Repeated language has been Obama "not just naïve, but dangerous." Difficult to imagine naïve policy that is benign. Dangerous label raises the stakes from opponent to the Evil Enemy, as Mrs. C points out. In this campaign such clear rhetoric between fear & hope. Faces of Fear sounds interesting.