Monday, October 20, 2008

Powell's devastating logic

Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama yesterday was newsworthy in and of itself -- a Republican Bush Administration official, a career military man, a former JCS, and one of the most respected public figures in the country.

But more than that, I thought his rationale was absolutely devastating to the McCain campaign. He knows both men well. McCain has been "unsure" (read: erratic) in responding to the economic crisis. Palin is not ready, and it reflects on McCain's judgment. Obama is steady and has "intellectual curiosity and vigor." The Republican party is getting narrower (read: taken over by Christianists). McCain's campaign is dirty.

I understand that the right wing will never go for Obama, but how can a moderate or independent ignore the strength of this argument, made by this person?

Also, I give enormous credit to Powell for speaking out about the fact that "Muslim" shouldn't be a smear in America!

One last thing: You've gotta give credit to McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds for coming up with this reaction: "Only an unproven and inexperienced politician like Barack Obama would have to rely so heavily on an another man's resume in making the case for his own candidacy." Of course it defies reason, but A+ for effort and creativity.

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