Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm back

I was out of town last week, so I wasn't able to blog.

So, only 6 more days until the election. Some prominent Obama-leaning folks are virtually declaring victory, which is a bad idea. With the possible Bradley effect, the inaccuracy of polls, and the attempts at vote suppression, I'm not ready to celebrate yet. I'll be on pins and needles until next Tuesday night.

I caught most of Obama's half-hour ad last night. Although the narrative was a bit disjointed, I thought it captured just the right tone. I didn't hear one reference to McCain or Bush. All positive, very inspirational, focused on the economy, laden with specific proposals.


Acrobat said...

Two things struck me about the infomercial.

First, was a realization of the importance of a symbolic leader. Confucian ideal for an emporer. Christian ideal of focusing on Jesus for salvation. Yes, I appreciate the Daily Show mockery of magic & messiah. I think Obama says in his infomercial that he's reminded daily of his imperfection. Nevertheless, Obama feels to me like a symbol we can rally behind to evolve.

Second, for me the infomercial was a teaching moment, as Obama (in part) intended. The four families in the video were not my immediate neighbors, but it was instructive for me to see their stories.

Did you catch his appearance with Clinton later in the night? Clinton said Obama called him to get advice re financial crisis & that Obama was explicit about wanting to know what is best for the country, not necessarily best for his campaign. Polar opposite of Rove White House. If a true anecdote (and you wouldn't think Obama wd wear a facade with Mr. Triangulation), Senator Obama demonstrated more patriotism and nobility than I would expect from myself (Because yes, I would expect that I'd be in such a situation).

I'm going to be significantly pissed if Obama loses. And, I'll know excactly whom to blame.

Acrobat said...

Oh, and where were you last week?

Did you catch Sullivan's article on blogging? I didn't.

Per Sullvan this morning, Really, how do 50% of Texans either not know Obama's religion or consider him Muslim? With mainstream definitions of Christianity, and information available to respondents, very little rational basis exists for this bias.

Dan Chong said...

In DC to visit friends.

Yeah, I saw that poll too. I'll post on it.

Acrobat said...

Damn, how did I miss the item of real importance? You been catching the Lakeshow? I know the Blazers & Clippers are not exactly powerhouses, but where to start? Two 7-footers w/ all kinds of skill. Smothering D. Everyone on the roster scored last night, w/ 7 in double figures. Ariza hitting outside shots.

Pray for health through June.

Dan Chong said...

I saw a few minutes of the Blazers game, and they looked a bit sloppy, but awfully strong. I see, it's not OK to pray for victory in Iraq, or a Palin win, or the protection of marriage -- but it's OK to pray for the Lakers? :)