Thursday, October 30, 2008

Christianism X: Dobson's manifesto

Just too many examples of Christianism in this election. Focus on the Family wrote a fictitious letter from 2012 about all the perils of an Obama administration. Did Jesus really talk about gun ownership (see page 8)? Who knew.

Let's remind ourselves why Christianism, like any theocratic form of governance, is particularly dangerous:

1) Government by religious authority is notoriously disrespectful of human rights, particularly women's rights. Think Saudi Arabia, Iran, Islamic police, and the Vatican during the Crusades.

2) Government by religious authority does not allow for compromise and deliberation. As a result, it tends toward extremism. Democracy inherently requires compromise to function.

3) Government by religious authority tends toward violent conflict. Indeed, violent conflict may be welcomed at times when religious justifications point to goals "higher" than the protection of human life (say, the End Times).

That's my short list, but I'm sure you can think of other reasons.

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Acrobat said...

No, really, nothing else comes to mind. . .

Is it just Christianism or is it Christianity? Christian history reeks of imposing its morality on government.