Monday, October 20, 2008

The real America

I just went with my family to the rally in Orlando with Obama and Hillary Clinton. I have no idea what the crowd estimates were, but there were throngs. Tens of thousands. Yes, it was pretty damn inspiring. There were young and old, black and white, singles and families, gay and straight, rural and urban. It made me realize how Palin's comments about the "real America" must be interpreted, as she speaks to overwhelmingly white crowds at her rallies. But anyone who went to this rally had to be proud about how America was represented here.

My 7-year old daughter and 4-year old son came to the event and were pretty excited about it. Yes, it was a bit creepy to hear my kids chanting "Obama, Obama" and I know Sullivan would mock us for it. But trust me, we're not pushing it on them -- some things just take hold with them. I've been trying to make my kids like football for years now, and they're not buying it. So I'm not stopping them from learning more about this presidential candidate, especially when one of my daughter's second-grade classmates told her that "Obama puts knives in babies' heads."


Acrobat said...

If only CA were more schlep-worthy. . .

cogitomultus said...

I had really similar reactions to the mix of the volunteers in Colorado.
I still haven't been to a rally where he showed up (and probably won't now that I live in "fake" america), but glad you got to go. I only hope that that poor second grader learns about the nuances of partial-birth abortion before he/she hits voting age.