Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Christianism VI: The mass exodus

According to a number of first-hand descriptions, independents and moderate Republicans are leaving the party in droves. Why shouldn't they? It's been taken over by religious extremists, facilitated by McCain's cynical choice for VP. Here's one account:
"Now the mass exodus is underway. Anyone who is fiscally conservative can't call himself a Republican anymore. Anyone who is a religious Christian can't honestly be part of this since Jesus preached about caring for the sick and the poor--not about eliminating reproductive choice or issues related to same-sex marriage. There's nothing Christian about the agenda of the Religious Right--it's a totally political movement focused on issues that Jesus never mentioned and they ignore the issues about which Jesus preached constantly."

You know it's more political than religious when faithful Catholics are virtually excommunicated for their views on abortion. You know it's more political than religious when the more religiously devout presidential candidate is called a Muslim.

(Hat tip: Sullivan)

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Acrobat said...

Oh, the adaptability of religion. Did these guys wake up one day with the epiphany that they'd been reading their Bibles incorrectly? Or did they realize they're losers & their religion had better adapt accordingly?