Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why Obama won

The pundits are dissecting every part of the campaign, and they're coming up with plenty of explanations. But it really comes down to two things: music and Denzel Washington.

OK, only joking. But it reminds me of a true story -- at the very first Obama rally I attended in DC in the fall of 2007, I talked to a twenty-something guy who used to volunteer for Hillary, but switched over to Obama. I asked why he switched, and he said, "Obama rallies have so much better music." Of course he was joking too, but it was actually a good symbol of the generational appeal that Obama represents.

And speaking of music, as I was listening to U2 in the car this morning, I thought, "Is any band better suited to play at the inauguration party?" January 20 will certainly be a Beautiful Day. Someone better give Mr. Paul Hewson a call.

(Hat tip: Pat)

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