Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thank God, marriage is saved

"Love is a temple, love the higher law,
You ask me to enter, but then you make me crawl."
- U2, One

It looks like Prop. 8 in California, Prop. 2 in Florida, and similar state ballot initiatives passed this year.

You know, Amy and I were having some troubles and I was just about to divorce her. But thank goodness these ballot initiatives have come along to "protect" my marriage. (Or, to be more accurate, thank God, if you know what I mean.) I suppose we'll stay together now.

Seriously though, these initiatives strip gay couples of equal rights and single them out for legal discrimination. While they may protect a religious conservative's particularist definition of "marriage," they do absolutely nothing to keep people together in loving relationships, straight or (especially) gay. Is there any plausible rationalist justification for these initiatives, or are they entirely dependent on religious fundamentalism and a lack of exposure to alternative lifestyles? I just can't come up with any rational justification.

As much as Obama's victory was a huge step forward, this is a significant step backward. But I agree with Sullivan: the trends of history are working in our favor. Keep working at it, and we'll achieve equality. One step at a time, my motto for the day.

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