Thursday, September 11, 2008

Palin on the Bush Doctrine

Honestly, I expected Gov. Palin to be fairly well prepped for the Charlie Gibson interview. Her response -- or lack of response -- to his question on the Bush Doctrine really blew my mind. You see, I'm a professor who has taught Intro to International Relations, a freshman level general education class at my college. The Bush Doctrine is something that every single freshman -- not just Politics or IR majors, but every single college freshman -- should be able to define and critique after one semester of this class. Governor Palin clearly did not know what the Bush Doctrine was. Her level of knowledge would have failed a freshman International Relations course. Now granted, she only had two weeks to prepare for this exam, and my students have the whole semester. But my students aren't running for Vice President of the United States either.

She sure seemed awfully confident though. As the past 7.5 years have taught us, lack of knowledge should never dissuade you from looking confident in your assertions. Thank God.

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